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At Slumbersac, we want you to know who we are because the more we grow, the more we give. So, we set out to consistently support our communities to increase sustainable impact in the world by helping you and your beloved ones to take effective actions.

In line with our corporate social responsibility, we aim to support and encourage you in taking small actions that create a big impact. What is real sustainability? Why is female empowerment important? How can I practice sustainability at home? Why to consider future generations? Our blog is addressing conscious people, women and parents who like to make a change today and for future generations. Therefore, we love to aid you with advice and tips about sustainable living and parenting, but also to understand the importance of transparency in the sustainable textile industry and of female empowerment.

  1. The Lunch Time Nap - Relaxation Break For Parents & Children

    The Lunch Time Nap - Relaxation Break For Parents & Children

    An afternoon nap is not only a welcomed break for the little ones, but also for parents, as they can do other tasks or relax during this time. At some point, however, the time will come when your darling no longer wants to take a nap. Find out what you can do in the following blog…

    Baby and Mother

    How long does your child need an afternoon nap?

    After a short time you will have noticed that the afternoon nap is important for your child and their development. During the sleep break, they process all the impressions of the day previously collected and gathers strength for when they wake up to repeat the process. How long your child needs this nap is completely different.

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  2. Breastfeeding: questions and answers

    Breastfeeding: questions and answers

    Breastfeeding your child is one of the most natural things in the world. In addition, this way of feeding your infant is particularly conducive to the mother-child bond. Because of this, many women give a lot of thought to breastfeeding. Here are some basic facts about the subject and answers to the most common questions.

    Baby Breastfeeding

    What happens when your child is breastfeeding

    Feeding your child with breast milk provides them with all the important nutrients they need and strengthens their immune system. Breastfeeding gives your child exactly the right food at all times, as breast milk adapts to its needs throughout the entire period of breastfeeding. In addition,

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